Promoting Accountability, and the Free Flow of Information in Palestinian Society

“Through the station’s programs I can hope that we can all continue learning something new every day,” says Abeer Kilaney, a television entrepreneur in the West Bank city of Nablus, who created Gama TV in her home during the First Intifada.

Abeer Kilaney launched Gama TV in the community of Nablus. 

Abeer Kilaney launched Gama TV in the community of Nablus. 

Kilaney thought it was unfortunate that the only source of information available to Palestinians at the time was through
satellite television channels, primarily out of Israel and the United Arab Emirates. 

Operating out of their bedroom, Kilaney and her husband launched Gama TV, putting together programs that were made for and by the community of Nablus, freely discussing the most pertinent issues that affected them. 

Now, Gama TV is an important part of the community, watched by roughly 20% of the television audience in Nablus, and a partner of Internews’ Aswatona project, which works to strengthen independent TV and radio stations in the West Bank and Gaza.

In addition to serving as station director for Gama, Kilaney, a mother of six, also serves as the president of the West Bankwide Sada TV network and is a coordinator for Miftah, an NGO based in Jerusalem that promotes transparency, accountability, and the uninhibited flow of information in Palestinian society.

Banner photo: A citizen journalism training in Gaza. (Credit: Internews)